Choose the best answer The clown in a Cheo play seems to be a supporting role, ______ actually he or she is very important to the performance.


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>> Học trực tuyến Lớp 10 tại, Cam kết giúp học sinh học tốt, hoàn trả học phí nếu học không hiệu quả.

The Underage Festival

Are you a music-lover between the ages of fourteen and eighteen? Would you like to go to a festival with friends of the same age as you? Then this music festival is for you! For most music festivals, you have to be eighteen before you can go without an adult, but the Underage Festival is different. You must be between fourteen and eighteen.

The Underage Festival is a day of music and fun for teenagers. It takes place in Victoria Park, London, in August. It’s a one-day festival - it starts at 11.30 a.m. and the music goes on until 8 p.m.

Sam Kilcoyne is the main organizer of the festival. He started the Underage Festival in 2007 when he was only fifteen years old. It’s a small festival with 10,000 people but the best thing about it is that there are no adults! Parents can wait for their children outside the gate, but they can’t come in to the festival.

But parents don't need to worry! The organization is great and it's a safe and peaceful festival. You can’t bring food or drink into the festival, but there are lots of restaurant tents with a variety of food and drink - from pizzas to burgers and Chinese to Mexican. We recommend the pizza tent. On the festival website, there's a page for parents with all the information they need.

There's a big variety of music, everything from indie to hip hop, electronic to heavy metal. There’s even a silent disco where everyone wears headphones. There are six stages. The main stage is outside and the other five are in huge tents. Sometimes, it feels a little crowded in the tents, but the big names usually play on the main stage. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose which band to watch because they only play for thirty minutes. But in general, the music is fantastic and the teenagers are happy.