Choose the best answer Kia Silverbrook from Australia invented Memjet, a high-speed ________ technology, in 2007.


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Consumers can benefit from Google Glass in museum and city tours by getting audio descriptions and key facts about things they see. Moreover, consumers can also make videos or take pictures, hands-free and without having to miss out on the actual experience.

Construction workers, engineers and architects can also benefit from Google Glass’s augmented reality. Instead of studying pictures or blueprints they can just use Google Glass to see what the finished building would look like.

Consumers can also tour places without actually visiting them. This can be really helpful when someone wants to buy a house. They can see it by using Google Glass without having to actually visit it.

Google Glass can also be used in extreme sports like abseiling, biking and skydiving. Google held a demonstration to show Google Glass’s viability in such sports. Consumers can take photos and record videos while skydiving, or any other extreme sport, and instantly share them with their friends and family.

Google Glass can also help consumers translate languages: they just need the text they want in the specified area and Google Glass will translate it immediately.

One of the most useful feature of Google Glass is its navigation feature, consumers just have to say “OK, Glass”, and then ask for directions, the directions will then be displayed in front of their faces making it easy for them to follow.

Google Glass also benefits consumers with disabilities. Google Glass can be used to assist people who are deaf, blind or people with difficulties related to sensory awareness.

People who are blind can use Google Glass to help them navigate through touch and voice. It will also tell them about their appointments, weather. Glass will read them their messages and will also them to send messages.