Read the passage, then tick true (T) or false (F) for the following statements.      Dear Peter,      Thank you for your letter. It’s very interesting to know about schools in the USA.      I think schools in Vietnam are a little different. Vietnamese students usually wear school uniform when they are at school. Classes start at 7.00 each morning and end at 11.15. Students have a 30-minute break after three periods. At break, many students play games. Some go to the canteen and buy something to eat or drink. Others talk together. Our school year lasts for nine months, from September to May. Then we have a three-month summer vacation.      Please write soon and tell me about your summer vacation.   Your friend,        Hoa* Một số từ mới: - different (adj): khác biệt - uniform (n): đồng phục - period (n): tiết học - summer vacation: kì nghỉ hè


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