LUYỆN CHỦ ĐỀ Kiểm tra – Unit 8 Lớp 10



VẬN DỤNG (10%)

  • 1Làm xong biết đáp án, phương pháp giải chi tiết.
  • 2Học sinh có thể hỏi và trao đổi lại nếu không hiểu.
  • 3Xem lại lý thuyết, lưu bài tập và note lại các chú ý
  • 4Biết điểm yếu và có hướng giải pháp cải thiện

Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.

Technology has become an essential (26) _______ in our lives. Schools should find ways of integrating new technologies into classrooms so that students find it easy to learn new subjects as well as (27) _______  teachers to explain subjects in detail using visual formats.

Using technological devices like computers will (28) _______  education more fun and interesting for the students. The past ten years (29) _______ tremendous change in educational technologies and it is time to bring these technologies to our students in the classroom so that they learn easily and efficiently. Teachers will need to leam how to use these technologies so that they (30) _______their students on how to use them.

We have seen that private business community has found ways of improving the way we learn by creating educational applications for (31) _______ computers and mobile phones. With a good use of these applications, schools can improve on how students learn and how they get (32) _______ academic information.

New applications like YouTube can be used in video and visual education. If a student can learn (33) _______ visual or video illustrations, they will always remember that subject being explained, because the brain can easily understand and remember visual objects.

The development of online and offline educational (34)_______  will make learning so simple. Now it is (35) _______  to apply these educational technologies in the classroom and make learning easier.

er for each blank.

Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question.

A smart board is an interactive whiteboard. It can be connected to one or more laptops, PCs, tablets, or other electronic devices. Smart boards are extremely useful in a classroom because they can engage students, provide interactive opportunities that a traditional whiteboard, blackboard or flip chart can't, and can also develop students' computer skills along with their English skills.

Smart boards also have touch-screen technology so you do not actually need a computer to access the basic functionality. You can write on a smart board with special pens which are usually provided with the board, and anything written on the board can be saved for future reference, or printed out. It is great, for example, if you are doing a brainstorming session or a mind map with your classmates and you want to keep a record of it.

If you don't want to draw with the pens, you can use a keyboard and type onto a programme such as Word, and have it appear on the screen for everyone to see. This is great if you are doing an exercise with your class and you want everyone to be able to see the answers during the checking stage. You can also run PowerPoint presentations on an interactive whiteboard. These can sometimes be great for grammar or vocabulary presentations and the advantage of them is that students can make contributions.

If you have the Internet access, you can access websites and put them onto a white board. This is great in an English classroom if you have online quizzes or games you want to use. Students can actually come up to the board and select their answers. This involves them directly in the board work, which they usually love. You can also run video clips or sound files from the Internet, or some which are saved on your computer.

In short, a smart board can make the lessons more varied, and can give students a more active role in the lesson.