LUYỆN CHỦ ĐỀ Reading: Điền từ vào chỗ trống Lớp 12



VẬN DỤNG (30%)

  • 1Làm xong biết đáp án, phương pháp giải chi tiết.
  • 2Học sinh có thể hỏi và trao đổi lại nếu không hiểu.
  • 3Xem lại lý thuyết, lưu bài tập và note lại các chú ý
  • 4Biết điểm yếu và có hướng giải pháp cải thiện

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA) was established as a result of a Workshop on Handicraft for Export which was (1) _____ by the Royal Thai Government in February 1981 in Bangkok. AHPADA was formed as a forum for both the government and private sectors that are concerned with meeting and complementing each other in the promotion and development of handicrafts (2) _____. AHPADA is affiliated to the ASEAN and the World Craft Council. The (3) _____ members were Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Singapore and Brunei join in a little (4) _____. Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam joined in September 1999.AHPADA's objectives are:

  1. To take common approach to develop and promote the marketing of crafts (5) _____ and outside the ASEAN Region.
  2. To operate as a main point of promotion of ASEAN handicrafts and raw (6) _____ required-for production, trade fairs and exhibitions.
  3. To strengthen and improve the status of craftspeople.
  4. To create employment opportunities especially in the rural areas.
  5. To (7) _____ traditional craft skills within the context of conservation of cultural heritage.
  6. To educate and create awareness and appreciation of the authentic handicrafts of ASEAN Countries.
  7. And to build up an archive of ASEAN CRAFT information.

With the recent economic downturn in (8) _____ ASEAN Countries, AHPADA's objectives are more relevant than they have ever been before. Most producers are among the rural areas and (9) _____ majority of them are very small entrepreneurs. AHPADA works at both national level through the national focal points and at the international level through the Board of AHPADA and the Regional Secretariat which is permanently based in Bangkok, Thailand. (10) _____ 1981 AHPADA has been able to act as a catalyst and initiators in the promotion and development of ASEAN CRAFTS through seminars, workshops and exhibitions, often in partnership with several multinational and international organizations.